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Choosing a nappy bag


Having the perfect nappy bag can make a trip out with bub significantly easier. With so many different brands and styles of nappy bags, it is easy to get overwhelmed while hunting for that bag.

Your nappy bag is likely to replace your handbag for the next 2-3 years. You want a bag that will last the distance. Don’t skimp on quality. A good nappy bag is an investment. Choose a well-known brand.

Is it you? You don’t want to have to lug around a handbag with your nappy bag. Does the bag you’ve picked express your personality? Will Dad be using the bag too? There is a good range of bags available for Dads now; you could have one each.

How are you going to carry the bag? When you are out and about bub will generally be in their pram. You will need to ensure your bag either fits in the storage area or can hang over the pram handles. When you aren’t using a pram, do you prefer a shoulder, handbag or backpack style?

Is the bag functional? You want a bag that will be organised; with everything easy to reach. Many times you will be digging around in the bag one handed while bub is in your other. Lots of pockets and compartments are useful for keeping things separate and easy to find.

What accessories come with the nappy bag? A change mat is a must and all nappy bags should come with one. Most bags also come with insulated bottle holders or pockets. Other accessories that may be included are wet packs, mummy pouch, stroller clips or dummy holders.

Storksak has a range of beautiful coloured bags as well as neutrals.
Vanchi make bags that could easily pass as a large handbag.
Timi & Leslie bags come with a range of accessories.
Ju-Ju-Be backpacks have tons of storage.

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